Thank You, Arkansas Teachers
posted by: Michele | May 04, 2020, 12:28 PM   

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. As a professional association that serves Arkansas teachers, and as parents and educators ourselves, we at the Arkansas State Teachers Association have the utmost confidence in the women and men serving our state’s students. Your professionalism and dedication have shined during these disruptive times. As you work tirelessly to meet the needs of our children and demands of your districts, you also manage the care and learning of your own children and loved ones who need you.

The care, encouragement, and learning provided students at this time is nothing short of heroic. Yes, heroic, as we also take your distressing calls on a daily basis and know the realities behind the smiles and hope you bring students. We have cried and problem-solved with you as you worry over serving children with special needs, living in difficult home environments, and whose families are struggling – and all while learning new technology and methods and striving to meet the expectations of administration. You certainly carry one of the heaviest loads at this time. Thank you for all you do during these tough days and always. Thank you for choosing education. Thank you for your dedication to our state’s most precious treasures, our children. Your value is beyond measure.

Fellow Arkansans, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. We encourage you to join us at the Arkansas State Teachers Association as we celebrate our teachers and recognize their efforts during these extraordinary times.

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Art Teacher
written by Jerris Palmer - Bentonville, May 14, 2020

Thank you for the above message. I would like to see the issue of disrespectful emails, phone calls and Google Meets from parents and students dealt with on a State level. I know of teachers that have been cursed and belittled over online instruction. I personally have felt threatened/bullied by a parent that stated his son "would not complete the work but he better have an A" in the class. I have personally been told my class is too difficult and the student is spending too much time on the class. And, I am sure teachers across the State have stories to tell. The abuse needs to end. Over the years I feel that teachers have not been given the respect as they should have as a professional. It would be nice if Mr. Key could address this issue. Thank you for listening.

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