Join the Arkansas State Teacher Association
ASTA Professional Membership is $19.50 per month ($234 annually).

Members begin receiving benefits on the day they join.

Professional membership is open to any employee of an educational entity (e.g., teachers, para-professionals, counselors, school psychologists, school and district administrators) in Arkansas.

Pre-service teachers who are working towards licensure, retired educators, and associate members may join at a reduced rate of $25 annually. Visit Member Benefits to learn more.

Independent contractors who are not eligible for professional membership can apply for private practice liability insurance after joining as an ASTA Associate/Support Member. Read more here.

For new and renewing members paying by credit card:

Join today using the AAE-ASTA Member Portal Application >>

For student members upgrading to professional membership paying by credit card:

Proceed to the secure online discount application >>

For new and renewing members paying by check:

Download and complete this print application >>

Office Address for Completed Applications:
Arkansas State Teachers Association
225 S. Pulaski Street, Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72201-1930

For all questions or to apply by phone: call 1-877-742-ASTA (2782)

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