What is a Professional Educator?
  • Professional educators are value-driven, guided by principles, passion, and a purpose bigger than themselves.

  • Professional educators are need analysts – competent to diagnose and prescribe options for educational success and significance.

  • Professional educators believe their work is a vocation and calling rather than an occupation where one merely occupies space.

  • Professional educators recognize that change is the norm. They are growth-oriented and consider themselves life-long learners and contributors.

  • Professional educators are climate creators, recognizing that the conditions that surround learning contribute to learning.

  • Professional educators are catalysts in promoting calculated risks that advance their profession and enable everyone access to success.

  • Professional educators promote cohesiveness, collaboration, and team-building. They promote a “we are better together” philosophy.

  • Professional educators create a climate of ownership by ensuring that everyone involved in the educational process is invited to participate.

  • Professional educators are accountable to their clients, community, parents and students, providing a quality educational program for all children.

  • Professional educators belong to an organization that promotes their profession above personal gain.

By Gene Bedley, 1986 PTA National Educator of the Year and 1994 Milken Foundation National Educator