ATTENTION ASTA MEMBERS: Job Protection Benefits Doubled!
posted by: Melissa | September 13, 2018, 03:15 PM   

ASTA has DOUBLED job protection benefits in the policy that comes with professional membership. This benefit increase is immediately in effect for all current and future professional members of ASTA and dues are unchanged: $16.50/month.

Even a great educator is far too likely to experience workplace issues that may threaten their job as well as their professional reputation. Along with liability insurance and protection against lawsuits, ASTA professional membership includes employment rights coverage for members experiencing termination, demotion, involuntary transfer, suspension, or other disciplinary actions. By including job protection benefits in each member’s liability insurance policy, ASTA is able to provide legal support at the onset of workplace issues while still charging only $16.50 per month to members. The doubling of each of the three levels of job protection now covers up to $10,400 in legal fees paid by the insurance policy per the terms of the policy to defend each member’s due process rights for covered incidents.

Gary Beckner, Founder and President of the Association of American Educators (AAE), ASTA’s national parent, explained, “AAE and state chapters like ASTA were founded to provide quality professional benefits so that students aren’t losing great teachers to misunderstandings, false accusations, or petty issues. Our employment rights coverage is a shield against very real threats to a member’s entire career.”

ASTA’s Director of Legal Services Travis Ragland explains how employment rights coverage works for members, “Professional members encountering workplace issues contact our legal services department to activate their policy. They work with a local attorney. Many of these matters are resolved prior to or at the hearing, at which point a member has received thousands of dollars’ worth of legal services. In fact, because the policy is in the member’s name, coverage does not require an approval by ASTA staff, which is as close to guaranteed coverage as it gets."

Along with job protection benefits, each professional member of ASTA receives an individual $2,000,000 educator liability insurance policy to cover damages as well defend against claims. Unlike many association policies, ASTA’s policy has no group aggregate, each policy is individual and each member is covered for $2,000,000 per claim. In addition, ASTA’s policy includes up to $35,000 to protect a member’s teaching license and up to $50,000 to defend a member against criminal sexual misconduct charges, as long as they are found not guilty. Complete terms and limitations are outlined in the insurance policy.

Colin Sharkey, AAE’s Executive Vice President, added, “Educators are increasingly under intense scrutiny and asked to do even more with less these days. Nearly one-third of AAE’s entire budget is dedicated solely to liability insurance, legal services, and employment rights coverage for tens of thousands members across the country. Those are the trusted services and protections teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators need and we take great pride in providing them at an affordable price.”

At ASTA and AAE, we put a premium on the professional lives of our members which is why taking this step is one that we’re very proud to do.

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