ASTA Responds to Health Care Victory
posted by: Alix | October 21, 2013, 04:30 PM   

Little Rock, Arkansas- The Arkansas State Teachers Association (ASTA), the state's fastest growing non-union educator organization, is honored to be part of the coalition that was successful in reducing health care premiums for education employees. After a 33-hour special session and a package of bills approved, the state will use surplus money this year and redirect state funds in future years to lower teachers' insurance premiums. Governor Beebe signed the bills into law just moments ago.

ASTA staff and our member advocates were instrumental in bringing this issue center stage. Following social media campaigns, face-to-face meetings across the state, and meaningful conversations with all parties, ASTA was honored to represent a respectful voice for classroom teachers and school employees all across Arkansas.

For months, ASTA Executive Director Dr. Michele Linch, ASTA staff, and member leaders worked diligently to spread the word to stakeholders and media outlets. ASTA representatives also lead the coalition in several meetings and calls with legislators and the Governor. Their commitment to meeting with teachers and ASTA staff was paramount to finding a solution.

The ASTA staff was honored and humbled by the outcry of support and personal testimonials from member surveys. "This victory would not have been possible without our hardworking member educators," stated ASTA Executive Director Dr. Michele Linch. "Professionalism comes first. At ASTA, we were thrilled to see a productive conversation that never lost sight of the need of students to have an effective educator."

As school employees have known for months, the state board that governs health care rates had approved premium increases effective January 1. According to ASTA membership surveys, the increases were set to cause extreme financial hardships for education employees.

Although the rates are still projected to increase by 10%, the state will use budget surplus funds to stop the increases in the years ahead. ASTA is committed to representing members on a future long term solution.

ASTA was able to establish relationships with policy makers from across the state who commended the fresh approach a true professional association took to this crisis. "Thanks for truly representing the interests of Arkansas teachers and for caring enough to attend to see this thing to the end," said Representative Bell (R-20).

Calling a special session and drawing the attention of the state was inconceivable just weeks ago. However, with calls rolling in from members, ASTA worked tirelessly with legislators from both parties to craft a solution. Their support and leadership during this time should be applauded by all Arkansas educators.

As Governor Beebe explained about our state's educators, "They're in the profession for the right reasons. They believe in educating their kids, they deserve all the help we can give them."

We couldn't agree more.

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