Talk to Teachers Using #edchat
posted by: Jill | July 07, 2011, 04:39 PM   

Last week I posted about my week at ISTE, a fabulous education technology conference, and my fabulous colleague, Alix, posted about Twitter for Teachers. I was elated that she wrote such a timely article because I had just attended a workshop about how Twitter is changing professional development and teacher interaction throughout the world. (Here is a basic video about Twitter. And here is a video that explains why it's beneficial for companies, organizations, and groups of professionals, like teachers.)

I will simply say to Alix's words "I concur!" And then add to her point by sharing a hashtag that is arguably one of the most popular hashtags in teacher Twitter world—if not the most popular. It's #edchat. (Learn about hashtags here. It's a dated post, but you'll get the picture.) In fact, it is such a popular hashtag that there are even articles about how to keep up with the constant flow of information (Psssst, the trick is, you don't).

#edchat hosts a formal chat on Tuesday nights at noon and 7pm Eastern. The moderators choose the discussion topic, education related, based on a weekly Monday poll through TwtPoll. The winning topic from the poll sets the discussion topic for Tuesday sessions. From #edchat there has sprung a number of other hashtags. See if there is one specific for your level or content area here, you'll be quite impressed with the content and commentary being shared with you for free.

To learn more about the history of #edchat read a blog post by one of its founders, Shelley Terrell, and watch a video which she created about it. Or take a minute to read her personal invitation to you about joining the conversation.

I invite you to join in the conversation at #edchat. Don't have a Twitter account? That is okay, visit Type #edchat into the search box and you can follow the flow from afar and not worry about commenting. Or click here for a direct link.

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