Do NOT Do That: A Teacher’s List for Herself
posted by: Jill | December 08, 2010, 08:26 PM   

There are many helpful lists of what we should do to as educators. But what should be avoided?

Many thanks to Melissa Kelly, Secondary Education Guide over at, who provides ten ideas of what not to do. Click on the article's link to read a further explanation.

Top 10 Worst Things a Teacher Can Do

1. Avoid smiling and being friendly with your students.
2. Become friends with students while they are in class.
3. Stop your lessons and confront students for minor infractions in class.
4. Humiliate students to try and get them to behave.
5. Yell.
6. Give your control over to the students.
7. Treat students differently based on personal likes and dislikes.
8. Create rules that are essentially unfair.
9. Gossip and complain about other teachers.
10. Be inconsistent with grading and/or accepting late work.

I can't help but tack on one of my own suggestions about working the room. I learned this from Fred Jones my first year in Long Beach.

11. Sit at your desk during class—there is a reason that many teachers wear comfortable shoes—they're walking the room all day. Except on rare occasions, be out among your students. How better to monitor their progress? What stops a classroom management problem before it starts? Besides, to many students this equation rings true— a teacher sitting at the desk = a disengaged teacher.

Please add to the list by commenting below.

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