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posted by: Alix | January 30, 2014, 04:33 PM   


School Choice Provides Teachers Options

School choice in Arkansas is usually discussed in the context of providing children with alternative schooling options. Sometimes overlooked, however, is the benefit school choice also brings to teachers.

The fact is, every educational setting is a choice. Traditional public, conversion charter, career tech center, open-enrollment charter, virtual and private schools-all these represent school choice in action, and all are serving the needs of students, teachers and communities.

In adapting to a profession fit for 2014, teachers are taking advantage of these new teaching environments like never before. The school-choice movement has meant truly positive advancement of the teaching profession. Educators are empowered to make their own decisions in deciding when, where and how to teach kids with school-choice options in play. The flexibility, autonomy and opportunity associated with choice are unmatched.

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