August Teacher Resources – Websites You Can Go Back to School With
posted by: Ruthie | August 16, 2013, 07:42 PM   

is a way to create and share slick, professional looking classroom newsletters online. LetterPop newsletters can integrate content from a wide variety of sources, including photos and Youtube videos.  They have a simple interface and a variety of templates, making your classroom newsletter both easy to create and attractive.  The website also allows for the newsletter to be shared not just through email, but also through Facebook, Twitter, and other methods.  Plus, they offer a teacher account at a significant discount off their normal price.

is the place to go if you’re not the newsletter type.  On this site you or your students can create flyers – either as part of a project, or to advertise an upcoming school event.  Their drag and drop interface allows for easy customization, and will make creating your own flyers quick, while at the same time allowing even young students to create an attractive looking project.  The end products can be printed or emailed and if you sign up for an Educator plan, you have access to special backgrounds and enhanced privacy settings.

allows you to bookmark a list of links on a single webpage that you can share easily with parents or students.  This would be a great way to share a list of back-to-school resources, homework help websites, or a webquest for your students.

can add an interactive element to your lessons, by letting you tag images with links to other websites, information, articles, even video! The service is easy to use.  You simply upload a picture to their website and then click on it to begin tagging.

is another site you can use to spice up your lessons.  This website has a wide variety of tools to be used in presentations or in student projects.  This includes “Fakebook,” a tweet generator, a countdown timer, and a QR code generator.

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