AAE Releases 2010 Member Survey
posted by: Alix | September 23, 2010, 03:29 PM   

At a time when teachers are being pushed aside in the education debate, AAE is listening to educators who have valuable insight to add to the dialogue. The survey covers controversial issues including, evaluations, tenure, accountability, and compensation.

Among the many interesting findings, opposition against teacher evaluation based solely on student test scores is strong. However, saying that teachers do not support the value-added system is highly generalized and untrue. Eighty percent of teachers surveyed support a value-added model of student assessment when student test scores are used as a part of teacher evaluation. In fact, student test scores ranked higher in evaluating teacher effectiveness second to only administrative/ faculty review. Notably years in the system ranked last among quantifiers of evaluation.

Despite the fact that teachers unions promote tenure as a crucial means of protection for teachers to be able to perform their jobs, the member survey showed teachers have a different opinion. Eighty-one percent of those surveyed responded that tenure is not necessary for an educator to properly perform his or her job effectively. Further, eighty percent of respondents disagree that achieving tenure indicates an effective teacher.

When it comes to compensation, survey participants reject the union mantra of a structured pay scale based on years in the system, rather supporting educators being paid more for taking on additional responsibilities in their schools, as well as teaching in high need schools.

The AAE survey shows that teachers' attitudes have changed over the last few years, what remains the same is that teachers want to see students grow, succeed and become competitive around the world. While the unions are fighting reforms at every turn, they aren't bothering to actually represent the views of teachers. Our goal at AAE is to share the finding of this survey with policymakers, educations reformers, and the public to ensure teachers are being included in reform decisions.

Download a copy of the survey today.

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