Classroom Grant Application

Arkansas State Teachers Association Classroom Grant Application


Available Awards
The number of classroom grants awarded will depend on the total number of applicants. Grants are available for up to $500.

Classroom Grant Funding Options
Classroom grants can be used for a variety of projects and materials, including but not limited to books, software, calculators, math manipulatives, art supplies, audio-visual equipment, and lab materials.

Classroom grants are available to all educators in Arkansas. Awards are competitive. ASTA members receive additional weight in the scoring rubric.
ASTA requests that scholarship and grant winners wait three complete grant cycles before again applying for an ASTA Teacher Scholarship or Classroom Grant. For example, if a teacher wins an award during the Spring 2011 competition s/he would be eligible to apply for the program during Spring 2013 competition. This policy is effective on January 28, 2011. Thank you for your cooperation.

Application Deadlines

Autumn:  October 31st               Spring:  March 31st

*Online applications must be received before 11:59pm CST on the day of the deadline to be considered.

Classroom Grant Application:  all fields are required unless noted

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Complete and attach the following

  • A brief professional résumé listing academic background, employment history, membership in professional associations and any awards or honors received. You may upload this resume below:

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  • A grant proposal, numerically ordered, which includes:

1) A description of how the grant funds will be used.  Include an itemization of needed materials and their costs.

2) A lesson plan that clearly demonstrates how the items will be used effectively in the classroom and how they will promote effective student learning. Include the subject/grade level standards that are being fulfilled in the lesson or project.

3) If you are an ASTA member, a brief description of your primary reasons for joining ASTA.

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Details on Disbursement of Classroom Grants
Teachers awarded classroom grants will be reimbursed for up to $500 in approved expenses documented no more than one year after notification of the award. ASTA can also remit the award directly to the school district.  Grant award winners agree that their names and photos may be used in the ASTA newsletter or websites and may be released in newspapers.  As a condition of the grant, grantees must provide a written report about the efficacy of the project within one month after the completion.


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Questions: call 1-877-742-2782 or email

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