A Letter from Fatih Bogrek of the University of Arkansas
posted by: Alana | October 12, 2016, 06:06 PM   


Dear Educator,


Research reveals that teachers constitute the most influential factor on student learning. Arkansas educator, Fatih Bogrek, is currently engaged in a doctoral dissertation study under the direction of the faculty advisor Dr. Ibrahim Duyar (Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Arkansas at Little Rock). The purpose of the study is to examine the determinants and outcomes of teachers’ professional identity and organizational identification. To help gain further insights, we kindly request your participation to this survey which would take no more than 20 minutes.


This research has been reviewed and approved by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Institutional Review Board. The data you will provide will be recorded anonymously and your participation will be held in the strictest confidence. Your participation in this study is on a voluntary basis, and you may refuse to participate at any time without consequence or prejudice. If you discontinue the survey before completing, your responses will not be included in the study. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject, please contact the Research Compliance Officer at 501.569.8657.


Your participation to this survey will allow you to voice your perspective as an esteemed educator on determining factors and outcomes of teachers’ identification which may guide policymakers and educational administrators developing successful educational initiatives. By participating in the study, you will also contribute to the educational research and policymaking pertaining to teachers.


If you understand the statements above and freely consent to participate in the study, please visit our google survey.

If you have further questions about this study, you may contact me (principal investigator) at 501.442.2289 or my advisor Professor Ibrahim Duyar, UALR Department of Educational Leadership, at 501.569.3550.


Fatih Bogrek, M.Ed.

Doctoral Candidate, Educational Leadership

University of Arkansas at Little Rock


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Nice Survey
written by A Teacher, November 30, 2016

Good survey. I enjoyed it being a teacher in Arkansas

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