Protect Your Career: Cyberbaiting and the Hazards of Technology
posted by: Ruthie | June 04, 2014, 06:53 PM   

A recent Norton survey revealed that a whopping 21% of teachers either experienced or knew someone who experienced cyberbaiting.  In one instance a music teacher smashes a violin out of frustration. In another shocking breakdown a teacher spits on a student and walks out of the room.  Similar instances of students goading teachers to the point of cracking have become commonplace and can leave careers in ruins.

Norton Internet Safety Advisor Marian Merritt said, “Teachers want to use technology and social networks to engage students, teach good digital citizenship and adapt material in new and exciting ways,” she said. “Their problem is leveraging the positive aspects while avoiding the dangers.”

While years ago only a few people would have witnessed a classroom slip-up, technology can make these incidents live forever, often costing teachers their careers.  While there is no excuse for unprofessional behavior it’s imperative that classroom teachers be aware these dangers and obtain professional liability coverage.

In today’s changing world, it is critical to be protected by a professional educator liability insurance policy. Your family physician wouldn’t dream of practicing without malpractice insurance, teachers need to be equally careful in protecting their careers.  Be sure to read and understand your specific district's policy about students/teacher technology and be sure to protect your career with liability insurance through the Arkansas State Teachers Association. Don’t step into the classroom without coverage.

Do you have liability insurance?
Do you worry about the dangers of technology?
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