September Resources: Youtube for the Classroom
posted by: Ruthie | September 25, 2013, 06:04 PM   

Khan Academy
– Belongs at the top of every list, covers nearly every topic at every level, and is informative and entertaining - a ‘must’ for flipped classrooms!

Discovery Channel – Science, nature, and history clips from their mainstream television channel.

Biography Channel – Mini bios and ‘on this day’ for a short intro to a social studies topic.

Smithsonian Channel – Engaging and informing short videos on science and history, as well as videos that take you behind the scenes of Smithsonian institutions.

Library of Congress – A little something for everyone, from long talks about different books to illustrated books and videos about library and information science.

National Geographic Channel - Features clips from their geography, history, and science themed cable channel.

Channel One News - Features clips from their daily TV show offered free to schools across the country.  Clips often focus on current events or broadening students’ awareness of social, political, and world issues.

Periodic Table of Videos - Science videos any chemistry teacher will love.

Schmoop - Hundreds of humorous and informative videos, designed with students in mind and on covering every topic imaginable.

Crash Course - Like Schmoop, this channel covers every topic imaginable in an attempt to explain the complicated in short, easy to understand videos.

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