Combat Summer Slide: 5 Websites to Send Them Home With
posted by: Melissa | May 24, 2018, 07:12 PM   

The dreaded summer slide remains a stumbling block in the modern educational system. Each year, as the year ends, we educators watch our students leave filled with new knowledge and experiences. We think about our hard work during the past months with joy and satisfaction. By the time those same students return in the fall, however, they will have forgotten much of what they learned the year before. For students from low-income neighborhoods, this could be as much as two-months’ worth of learning!

To combat this, it’s essential that students keep active and learning during the summer. Here are five websites that you can point your students to this summer to help them stay on track until school is back in session.

  1. Your Reading Path: Your Reading Path helps students find books that are at the right level for their age and reading ability. Students will likely already have a summer reading list, but this site can help them keep going.
  2. Khan Academy: Khan Academy videos are not only educational, but they are often entertaining as well. While it’s unlikely that students will watch of their own volition, it’s a good site to hand off to parents to help students review for the new school year.
  3. Math Playground: Math Playground is filled with web-based games for elementary students. As the name suggests, it has math games, but also games that review science, social studies, and even English skills!
  4. Make: There’s no better way to keep students learning than to excite their own native curiosity. For many students, making (the modern movement around crafting and technology) does just that. Make is an online site dedicated to making. It has links to kits and guides, along with how-to’s for projects that include everything from coding to fashion.
  5. Common Sense Media: During the summer, parents are bombarded with requests from their children to go see such and such a movie or to purchase such and such a video game. Common Sense Media gives parents the information they need to make good decisions about what shows, books, games, and movies to let their children consume. The website will also point parents to media that has more educational value.

What resources do you give your students over the summer?

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