Gift Bag Ideas for Teacher Appreciation
posted by: Melissa | April 25, 2018, 08:14 PM   

Today, we’re turning things slightly on their head. Normally, we write entries that are helpful for classroom teachers and other educators, but today we’d like all of the classroom teachers to close their eyes for a moment and pretend that they didn’t see this blog! This entry is for the rest of you.

Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner and Dana Williams, a regional membership director for our national partner AAE, shared with us a list that she uses to prepare. What Dana does is go to the store, buy a bunch of candy and other treats, put labels on them and then put together gift baggies for teachers. We thought the idea was too cute not to share. If you’re interested in making gift bags for the teachers in your life, here’s a list of potential labels to get you going!

Lifesavers: “Thanks. You are a real LIFESAVER!”

Pop Rocks, Rock Candy, or Rock Star soft drink: “You ROCK!”

M&M’s: “Thanks for being a sweet and well-rounded teacher.” (secretary, custodian, crossing guard)

Almond Joy: “You’re a JOY to have on our staff,” or “Working with you is a real JOY.”

Mounds: “I appreciate the MOUNDS of work you do!”

Atomic Fire Balls: “Your classroom was all fired up with enthusiasm for learning. Thank you for being a fire starter.”

Ding Dongs: “Thanks for working with us DING DONGS.”

Milky Way Bar: “You are out of this world!”

Extra Gum: “Thank for being so willing to go the extra mile. I appreciate you!”

100 Grand: “You are worth more than a 100 GRAND to us.”

3 Musketeers: “One for all, all for one.”

Chocolate Eggs: “You’re an egg-spert, egg-straordinary educator!”

Payday Bar: “You deserve an extra Payday.”

Homemade cookie: “You are one smart cookie.”

Fortune cookies: “We are fortunate to have you.” (Fill a Chinese takeout box with fortune cookies.)

Mints: “You were ‘mint’ to be a teacher!”

A&W Rootbeer: “You are an AW-esome teacher!”

Fanta: “You are a ‘Fanta’ stic teacher.”

Favorite soda: “We are ‘Soda’ lighted you work here with us.”

Tootsie roll: “For the awesome roll you play in helping our students achieve.”

Reisen candy: “You are the Reisen our students are doing so well!”

Do you do something special for the teachers in your life?

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