Games for the Secondary English/Language Arts Classroom
posted by: Melissa | December 05, 2017, 07:45 PM   

The power of game-based learning is widely acknowledged in education. Games not only have the ability to engage students, but they often involve more complex thinking skills. However, some classes are easier than others to incorporate games into. Elementary and math classes lend themselves to competitive games that test recall or the ability to quickly answer problems, while history and social studies classes can incorporate simulations and more complex games easily. Simple online games are a treasure trove for math, vocabulary, and beginning grammar.

However, the English or language arts teacher in the secondary classroom who wants to incorporate games often has a more difficult time, especially if that teacher wants to push their students to more complex learning instead of rote memorization. Finding games may not always be easy, but we’ve found a few websites that may help. Check out our list below:

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Language Arts Games for Middle School Students: 5 Ideas – Brighthug Education

(Video) Adjective Games for High School: English & Writing Lessons – eHowEducation on YouTube

15 Computer Games to Target the Common Core in Secondary English – Bespoke Classroom

Do you use games in your English/Language Arts classroom?

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Games for the Secondary English Arts Classroom
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